Riverum enables Entrepreneurship

We partner with Travel Brands and assist them to scale.

We build and invest in technology companies globally and provide a unique blend of operation, marketing and customer experience support

How do we add Value?

Data Driven Marketing – We leverage big data & AI to data to forecast demand and optimize advertising, promotions, and pricing on Google/Bing Adwords, Metas, Email, SEO & Affilate.

Customer Experience – We use Design thinking & provide multi channel chat support to maximum ROI of the dollars spent on advertising.

Optimized Operations – We provided automated solution to expand and optimize distribution to improve availability.

Do You Want To Meet Future Customer Needs?

Riverum's AI-powered personalization engine for travel companies.

Only personalization platform designed for travel companies to create, manage, and serve personalized content across channels. It intelligently tailors the customer journey with the right message at the right time while generating predictive insights that impact business outcomes.

We have plug and play solutions for you.

Sell more with personalization.

Personalization is the key to providing a better experience for your customers and improving conversion rates. With Riverum, you get access to AI-powered personalization that tailors user search results based on their interests and purchase intent. Conversion rates will be through the roof!

what can we do for you?

We match travel destinations with customer experience using our expandable AI technology. 


Accomplish your customer experience goals with ease! We have a roadmap to help. Riverum has been working with brands to implement AI technology and improve revenue growth. We take care of the strategy, development, and implementation so you can focus on other tasks.

Location based recommendation engine

Welcome to the future of travel! We have an intelligent content-based recommendation engine that analyzes your customer`s needs and makes personalized suggestions.

Conversational Chatbot

It's time for a new customer service strategy—one that goes beyond traditional agents. With Riverum, you'll get a conversational chat bot that provides hyper personalized experiences and helps you convert more.

Predictive Analytics

The high volume of customer data will help travelers find the best deal. We use big data analytics to provide pricing recommendations throughout your website or app.

Hyper Personalized Marketing

Predictive analytics are changing the game. With big data technology, marketers can now more accurately target specific demographics with personalized ads—and forget about wasting time or money on irrelevant ads that never convert.

Recommendation Engine

We have plug n play solutions for you. Get ML Recommendations for Attractions, Trips, Restaurants, Search. Supports both models of content based and Collaborative filtering. We recommend the hybrid model works well when using automation.

Predictive Calendar Pricing

Predict the best time to fly for your customers with Riverum. With our predictive calendar pricing, you can find the cheapest flights for your trip by analyzing market conditions for up to 12 months in advance.

Sales Assisted Hybrid Chat

Get the best of both worlds with our hybrid chat technology, which supports both Stand Alone bots and Sales Assisted Chats. It’s a customer service workhorse that will save your team so much time. Try it today!

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is one of the most effective strategies to increase profits and maintain a competitive edge in today's market. With AI and machine learning, you can automate this strategy and adjust your prices in real time.

Are you ready for the future of travel?

Riverum AI Travel Company is a service provider, built on machine learning technology to offer futuristic solutions for customer needs today. Drop us a line and keep in touch